Be Part of the Global Trend!

Green practices can save money. Save from costly damages caused by acidic solutions, save from special waste training expenses, and save from providing special work areas.

Cost Effectiveness. Our system produces longer lasting shine & luster to your precious stones & gems.

Gain Market Share. Going green is increasingly popular among environment-responsive customers. Attract & retain prospective customers who rightly demand environmentally sound business practices & products.

Protect the environment & do your part. Wastes which are produced when using acidic solutions can be released into the environment causing harm to a complex chain of interconnecting ecosystems.

With Global Warming a growing concern, we designed and developed a REVOLUTIONARY SOLUTION in Diamond & Jewelry Cleaning. We created a system that does not use toxic chemicals and consequently eliminates any threat to employee health and the environment.

Be part of the global trend and gain the cutting edge by adopting the most current green practices and technology today.

Diamond Boiling System

NO ACIDS are used in our boiling system, and the results have been proven to be significantly better than chemical based solutions. Our innovative-patented liquid solution and device ELIMINATE BROKEN CULETS, thus avoiding costly damages to the stones and produce LONGER LASTING LUSTER, giving the stones their supreme value. This simple, safe, and easy-to-use diamond cleaning system requires NO special space, NO special handling, and NO special waste management.

Jewelry Liquid Cleaning Solution

For Other Precious Gems, Metals, and Stones, developed a jewelry liquid cleaning solution that works with Ultrasound Technology. It offers the same environmentally friendly benefits, long lasting shine, and no harmful or damaging effects to your jewelries. Sonic Green is the safest & most economical cleaning solution in the market and may be used with your existing ultrasonic system. We have available packages which include the ultrasonic & steaming system.