Diamond Boiling System

No Broken Culets. During the boiling process, the stones DO NOT jump and thus, eliminating the possibility of broken culets.

Long Lasting Luster. It produces LONGER lasting luster compared to chemical based solutions and does not leave the stone “cloudy.”

No Special Handling. It takes up minimal space, and does not require special training, no special room specifications, or any waste management.

Eco-Friendly. Because of its non-toxic components, there is no threat to employee health and the environment.


Choose a TEFLON CONTAINER for the diamonds. Maximum weigh capacity is 300 – 400 carats.
For best results, boil at least 300 carats per process. Do not exceed the maximum weight.


Place the diamonds in the Teflon Container
and soak in BROWN LIQUID for 15 minutes.


After 15 minutes, drain the Brown Liquid
completely, then dip the diamonds into the WATER CONTAINER.


Place the Teflon Container in the POT to start boiling process. Fill the pot with the BOILING LIQUID up to 2cm

from the rim of the pot.

The same liquid may be used 2 times for normal boiling (polished diamonds). After the 3rd normal boiling, pour liquid in a container and set aside

for 1 day to let the impurities settle at the bottom. The top portion of this liquid may be re-used (proportion for re-using should be: 70% fresh liquid; 30% used liquid)

For consecutive boiling processes, do not forget to top up the pot with Boiling Liquid up to 2cm from the rim of the pot.


Place the LID (cover) on top of the pot and turn it clockwise to close tightly. Note that the  mark on the lid and the base of the pot should be aligned properly.


Tightly turn the 2 white screws on top to close the lid.


Tighten the Manual Pressure Valve (brown valve)


Place the Pot inside the Microwave and attach the TEFLON PIPE to the nozzle of the Automatic Pressure Valve. The other end of the pipe should be immersed in a large bottle

half-filled with water.

WARNING: Do not activate the Microwave WITHOUT using any liquid.


Set the Microwave on FULL POWER

and boil for 1 MINUTE.

After the first minute is done, switch to DEFROST and then boil it for 30 MINUTES


A loud beep should sound at the end of the boiling process. Wait for 1-2 minutes before opening the Microwave door.

Unplug the Microwave from the electrical point and use a damp cloth to clean the Microwave at the end of a working day.


Open the Microwave door and REMOVE the Teflon Pipe from the nozzle of the

Automatic Pressure Valve


ATTACH the pipe to the nozzle of the Manual Pressure Valve. Turn and open the Manual Pressure Valve (brown valve) SLOWLY to let out the pressure from the pot.

Turn the Manual Pressure Valve 3-4 times until ALL the pressure from the pot is released. This should take about 3 minutes until the entire pressure has been released. There should be NO MORE BUBBLES in the bottle.


After the pressure has been completely released, place the pot on the tooling provided to open it. Turn & open the 2 white screws on top of the lid.


Turn the LID counter-clockwise completely.

If the lid does not turn easily, the pot may be a little hot and thus, it has expanded.

Wait for a minute for the pot to cool, and then try turning the lid again.


On top of the pot, tighten back the 2 large screws (clockwise) and pull up to detach the lid from the pot.


Drain the liquid from the

Teflon Container and dip in the

WATER CONTAINER (water after boiling)

to wash off the liquid used in boiling.


Drain the water from the

Teflon Container and immerse in the



Drain the Blue Liquid / Spirit / Methanol from the Teflon Container and dry the diamonds with a clean cotton cloth.

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