Jewelry Cleaning Solution

Eco-Friendly. No harmful materials are used in this non-toxic, non-synthetic, this jewelry cleaning solution ELIMINATES any threat to employee health and the environment.

Damage Free. The cleaning process guarantees NO harmful effects or any damages to your precious gems, metals, and stones, thus avoiding costly and unwanted damage to your jewelry.

Long Lasting Shine. LONGER lasting shine, providing your gems its supreme value.

Cost Effective. This cleaning solution is RE-USABLE, and takes up minimal space, NO required special training, NO special room specifications, and NO waste management.


Fill the Ultrasonic Tank with hot water (up to ½ inches from the top edge).You may either heat the water directly on the Ultrasonic Tank (takes about 15 – 20 minutes) or boil water from a boiling pot and pour into the tank.


Prepare the Steamer. Pour 8 ounces of hot water into the steamer and plug to an electrical outlet. The RED light should indicate that it is properly plugged.

The light should turn to GREEN to indicate that it is ready. Set aside, steaming is done at the end of the Ultrasonic process.


Add the Jewelry Liquid Cleaning Solution to the water in the Ultrasonic tank.

Ratio must be 1% of the Ultrasonic tank capacity (eg. 10cc Cleaning Liquid Solution in 1000cc Ultrasonic tank capacity)


Stir the Jewelry Liquid Cleaning Solution in water for 5 minutes to mix properly.


Press ON. The RED light indicates that water is hot & ready.


Press SET to set the time. The timer is set on the number of seconds.

Set it to 180 seconds (3 minutes). Recommended time is 2 – 4 minutes.


Press TC to start the Ultrasonic process.


Mini waves should appear which should indicate that the Ultrasonic process has started.


Dip the jewelry in the Ultrasonic tank. Place the items on the “wire basket” at the bottom of the tank.

Do not place the items directly on the bottom of the tank. This will reduce the amount of ultrasonic waves and may damage the unit.


The Ultrasonic Cleaner generates “sound waves” that produces millions of tiny bursting bubbles. This process is called a “caviation” effect. The bubbles “scrub” through intricate surfaces which are difficult to access when cleaning jewelry.


After the Ultrasonic process, take each item and position it on the Steamer. Press the button to release pressure. The pressure & steam shall completely wash off the excess grime on the jewelry.


Wipe the jewelry with a clean cotton cloth. Avoid touching the item with your hands & fingers.


Do not forget to TURN OFF the Ultrasonic Cleaner when done.

The remaining solution in the tank may be re-used up to 3-4 times.